Hugh's 80th Birthday Party

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Page 1 A lovely collection of photo's of the party.  Please enjoy, just click on a photo for a larger image. More pages to come Page 2






   Photo 1                                      Stuart Hutchings                              Hugh Price                                                    Gary Wakeham                      Top       Next

Gary Wakeham (Club Secretary) inviting Stuart Hutchings (Vice President) to talk about Hugh Price.







               Photo 2                                                                              A view of many chess friends                                                         Top        Next        Previous





                   Photo 3   Stuart Hutchings telling all of the many great achievements of Hugh Price especially for chess within Wales           Top        Next        Previous






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                           Photo 5                                                                        A bit of humour from Stuart                                                Top        Next        Previous


                              Photo 6                           Gail Wakeham, Victor Burenkov, Mrs Giles, Angie Sewell & David Jiles              Top         Next        Previous


                         Photo 7                              Stuarts talk is over with great applause     Top        Next        Previous


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