Cardiff Chess Club

Membership Details

Members can enjoy the playing of chess any Tuesday 6.30pm to 10.30pm or Wednesday 7.00pm to 10.30pm. The Club has nine teams playing league chess within the East Glamorgan Chess League (who run 4 divisions). We run a yearly Junior & Senior Club Championship (all play all). Our teams enter in many Welsh run events. The club's top team have represented the club in the European Club Team Championships on many occasion. We have a healthy membership of around 80 members with grades ranging from 2403 down to 1062 a wide variety of playing strength. Our AGM is normally between July and August. The league season starts in September and ends in the following April. Tuesday evening is open to all members, Wednesday evening is open mainly to senior members, juniors member can play their club championship or league games only. During the summer we run a summer programme of event every Tuesday night which is open to many visits as well as member.

Membership Fee Details

Membership fee's are: juniors 20, unwaged and student 30, waged 40, these fee's will cover a full years membership. The fee is due the 1st week of every September, method of payment can be instalments if required.

For any further information please contact our membership secretary Hugh Price 029 20 494635 or email